why does Dusty Baker wear gloveswhy does Dusty Baker wear gloves?

Dusty Baker, a former Major League Baseball player and current manager of the Houston Astros, is known for always wearing gloves during games. This has sparked curiosity among fans and fellow players, leading to the question: why does Dusty Baker wear gloves? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind his glove-wearing habit and its significance in the world of baseball.

The History of Glove-Wearing in Baseball

Before we dive into the specific reasons for Dusty Baker’s glove-wearing, let’s take a look at the history of gloves in baseball. The use of gloves in baseball dates back to the 1870s, when players started using them to protect their hands from hard-hit balls. However, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that gloves became a common sight on the field.

Initially, gloves were only used by catchers and first basemen, as they were the ones who needed the most protection. But as the game evolved and players began to specialize in different positions, gloves became an essential part of every player’s equipment. Today, it is rare to see a player without a glove on the field.

The Evolution of Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves have come a long way since their early days. In the beginning, gloves were made of leather and had minimal padding, making them more like work gloves than sports equipment. As the game grew in popularity, manufacturers started experimenting with different materials and designs to improve the functionality of gloves.

In the 1920s, Rawlings introduced the first modern-style glove with finger stalls and a web between the thumb and index finger. This design allowed players to catch and hold onto the ball more securely. Over the years, gloves continued to evolve, with improvements in materials, padding, and overall design.

Today, there are gloves specifically designed for each position on the field, with varying sizes, shapes, and features to suit the needs of different players. And while gloves have become an essential part of the game, some players, like Dusty Baker, have their own unique reasons for wearing them.

The Reasons Behind Dusty Baker’s Glove-Wearing Habit

Dusty Baker has been wearing gloves during games since his playing days in the 1970s. He started wearing them as a way to protect his hands from the sun and dirt, but over the years, it has become a superstition for him. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind Dusty Baker’s glove-wearing habit.

Protection from the Sun and Dirt

As mentioned earlier, Dusty Baker initially started wearing gloves to protect his hands from the sun and dirt. As an outfielder, he spent a lot of time in the sun, and the constant exposure to UV rays can cause damage to the skin. Wearing gloves not only protected his hands from the sun but also helped keep them clean from the dirt on the field.

Moreover, wearing gloves allowed Dusty to maintain a better grip on the ball, especially when playing in hot and humid conditions. Sweat can make the ball slippery, making it difficult to catch, but gloves provide a better grip and prevent the ball from slipping out of the player’s hand.

A Superstition

Over the years, Dusty Baker’s glove-wearing habit has turned into a superstition for him. Superstitions are common in baseball, with players having their own rituals and habits that they believe bring them luck. For Dusty, wearing gloves has become a part of his pre-game routine, and he believes it brings him good luck on the field.

In an interview, Dusty Baker revealed that he once forgot to wear his gloves during a game and ended up getting hit by a pitch. Since then, he has never played without his gloves, believing that they protect him from getting hit by the ball.

The Significance of Gloves in Baseball

Gloves have become an integral part of baseball, and their significance goes beyond just protecting players’ hands. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why gloves are essential in the game of baseball.

Protection from Injuries

The primary purpose of gloves in baseball is to protect players from injuries. With balls being hit at high speeds and players diving and sliding on the field, gloves provide a layer of protection for the hands. They also help prevent blisters and calluses, which can be painful and affect a player’s performance.

Moreover, gloves also protect players from getting hit by the ball, especially catchers who are constantly in the line of fire. Without gloves, players would have a higher risk of hand injuries, making it difficult for them to play and potentially ending their careers.

Better Performance

As mentioned earlier, gloves provide a better grip on the ball, allowing players to make more accurate and secure catches. This not only helps improve their performance but also makes the game more exciting for fans. Without gloves, players would have a harder time catching the ball, leading to more errors and a slower-paced game. Why Does Jaylen Brown Wear a Mask?

Additionally, gloves also allow players to throw the ball with more force and accuracy, as they don’t have to worry about the impact on their bare hands. This helps keep the game fast-paced and competitive, making it more enjoyable for both players and spectators.

Personalization and Style

Baseball gloves have become more than just a piece of equipment; they have become a way for players to express themselves. With various colors, designs, and customizations available, players can choose gloves that reflect their personality and style. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the game but also allows players to feel confident and comfortable on the field.


Q: Do all baseball players wear gloves?

A: Yes, all baseball players wear gloves. It is an essential piece of equipment that helps protect players from injuries and improve their performance on the field.

Q: Can a player choose not to wear a glove?

A: While it is not against the rules to play without a glove, it is highly uncommon. Without a glove, players are at a higher risk of getting injured and may have a harder time catching and throwing the ball.

Q: Are there any rules regarding the size and type of gloves in baseball?

A: According to the official rules of Major League Baseball, gloves cannot exceed 12 inches in length or width. Additionally, catchers’ mitts must have a maximum circumference of 38 inches.

Q: Do pitchers wear gloves?

A: Yes, pitchers wear gloves, but they are different from the gloves worn by other players. Pitchers’ gloves are smaller and have less padding, allowing them to grip the ball better when throwing.

Q: Can a player use someone else’s glove during a game?

A: No, each player must use their own glove during a game. Using someone else’s glove can result in penalties and potentially affect the outcome of the game.


In conclusion, Dusty Baker wears gloves for a combination of reasons. Including protection from the sun and dirt, superstition, and personal preference. Gloves have become an integral part of baseball, providing players with protection, improved performance, and a way to express themselves. So the next time you see Dusty Baker wearing his gloves on the field, you’ll know why.


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