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Before the expected release of Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 on June 25, 2024, Riot made sure that the players will have something to take with them as they transition with the new game’s episode.

Right after the game introduced the new Abyss map to the players in the Unrated mode, game devs still have something up their sleeves to excite the community. A new skin bundle will come to the game from June 12 to June 13 depending on the region. This is the Aemondir skin Flexepin voucher

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Aemondir and help you about how to get your hands on this bundle with the help of Flexepin vouchers.

Sneak Peek at the Aemondir Bundle

The new skin bundle features four guns and one melee detailed with futuristic and bold features. Aemondir was initially showcased during the ongoing matches of VCT Shanghai and is expected to be in the Valorant shops on the third week of the month.

The Aemondir skin bundle includes a Sheriff for pistol, Bucky for shotgun, and Bulldog and Vandal for rifles. While for the melee, it is a long blade that has a close resemblance to the Prelude to Chaos melee. The only difference is that it looks more like a sword than a blade.

The whole bundle’s cost ranges from 7,100 VP to 8,700 VP which you can purchase easily as you buy Flexepin voucher. By using Flexepin gift cards, you can easily top up your Valorant account. However, only certain regions can use Flexepin vouchers for their Valorant account. These are Brazil, Singapore, Europe, Turkey, and North America.

However, players can opt to buy the gun skins and cosmetics individually. Here is a list showing the price of each:

⦁ Sheriff – 1,775 VP
⦁ Bucky – 1,775 VP
⦁ Bulldog – 1,775 VP
⦁ Vandal – 1,775 VP
⦁ Blade of Aemondir – 3,550 VP
⦁ Aemondir Buddy – 475 VP
⦁ Aemondir Player Card – 375 VP
⦁ Aemondir Spray – 325 VP

All gun skins are available in Silver, Bronze, and Obsidian variants.

Looking at Aemondir’s Details

One of the main reasons why players are ready to spend a few bucks for the Aemondir skin is because of its finisher effects. Upon killing the last enemy, the character kneels, and an eclipse appears behind. This progresses as swords from the sky fall on the body, until a large sword that looks like the Aemondir Blade falls on the ground. All these will be worth all your money especially if you do it with Flexepin vouchers.


Another small detail that will capture the attention of the players is the Aemondir buddy. If the Aemondir buddy is equipped with a gun with an Aemondir skin, the color of the buddy will change matching the color of the gun skin.

So if you are a first-time game spender, make sure to top up your account with the help of Flexepin for a secure and fast way of transfer.

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