Russia Launches New Strikes on Ukraine Power Plants

The latest Russian strikes on Ukraine power plants have triggered renewed fears that the nuclear reactors in the country could be damaged. After all, Ukraine suffered the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, just 110 kilometers north of Kiev. The United States, however, blasted Russia for blocking a consensus document on the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. The document noted that the fighting near the Zaporizhzhia plant could lead to radioactive fallout, and urged Russia to stop its military activity in the area.

Ukraine’s national nuclear power company, Energoatom, has accused Russia of targeting the plant. It said the strikes have cut off its power lines and shut down six reactors. The IAEA is monitoring the plant. Neither country immediately responded to requests for comment. The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is Europe’s largest nuclear plant. It has repeatedly been targeted during the conflict. The plant is built with reactors of the same design as the Chernobyl power plant in Russia.

Russia’s president has warned of harsh repercussions if further attacks occur. Meanwhile, the defence ministry in Moscow says the strikes hit all their targets. Ukraine has identified the drones used in the deadly attacks on Kyiv and Sumy as Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicles.

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