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Latest News About BTS


If you’re looking for the latest news about BTS, you’ve come to the right place. NewsNow, a dedicated BTS latest news site, has a dedicated BTS feed, and you can easily read the latest breaking news about the group. This feed is updated every 10 minutes, meaning you’ll never miss out on important news about the BTS.

Jimin recovers from COVID-19

Despite the fact that his COVID-19 positive test is causing him to miss a few days of rehearsals, BTS member Jimin is doing well. After being rushed to the hospital on 30 January for a sudden abdominal pain, the ‘Filter’ singer was later diagnosed with acute appendicitis. He has since been treated for the infection and is recovering. His management team, BIGHIT Music, assures fans that Jimin’s health is their top priority.

After being hospitalized for a few days, BTS member Jimin is back home and performing in shows. Jimin was reportedly diagnosed with acute appendicitis on January 30 and underwent surgery on January 31. He has since recovered from the illness and hasn’t displayed any extraordinary symptoms during his stay in the hospital.

In addition to undergoing surgery for acute appendicitis, Jimin has also been diagnosed with COVID-19. The singer, who had previously suffered from mild sore throat, was hospitalized after experiencing sudden abdominal pain on Jan. 30. After undergoing a PCR test, doctors have determined that Jimin was infected with COVID-19. Jimin is expected to make a full recovery and be back to his normal self soon.

Meanwhile, BTS has assured fans that the singer is recovering from COVID-19. The group also said that Jimin did not contact other members while infected. Big Hit Music also assured fans that their talent is a top priority and will support him in his recovery. Earlier this month, BTS members Jin, Suga, and RM all tested positive for COVID-19. Although they did recover, they are still in a quarantine period, so they will be unable to perform for some time.

Jungkook’s comeback

The comeback of Jungkook on BTs is a much-anticipated event for fans. While it is still a bit early to say if it will work or not, fans are waiting with anticipation to see what he will come up with. He is an active YouTuber and recently met with the American President in the White House. He has also been featured in many different music videos, from his solo song to one that was featured on HBO’s “Euphoria“.

During the Love Yourself World Tour, Jung Kook injured his foot and had to skip seven days. He also had to undergo stitches in his heel. The ‘Haywire’ singer has also confirmed that he suffers from microvophobia and avoids using microwaves because he is afraid that they will explode. His favorite body parts are his thighs and his voice. He also revealed that he plans on making a mixtape soon.

Unlike other members of the group, Jungkook is not completely blonde. His hair is still dark, but it is only half of the way to blonde. Despite this, fans can’t stop talking about the new look on Jungkook. The ARMYs are convinced that the look of Jungkook on BTs will lead to a successful comeback for BTS.

Jungkook broke his in-between-singles hiatus on Instagram this week. He is now on his way to meet US President Barack Obama and will discuss issues regarding anti-Asian hate crimes. His speech will echo the importance of diversity. The Stay Alive singer was also photographed carrying a drumstick case. His drumming skills have dazzled fans around the world.

Jungkook’s birthday

If you are following the latest news from K-pop group BTS, you may have noticed that their youngest member, Jungkook, is having a birthday this month. The birthday boy is a fan favourite and has been praised for his charisma, stage presence, and ability to entertain the crowd. Last year, Jungkook went live on the popular Vlive platform to interact with fans. He sang for his fans for nearly two hours. Perhaps, on his birthday, he will take some time to share these moments with his fans. If not, he may spend his birthday solemnly with his family and friends.

In honor of Jungkook’s birthday, BTS fans have gone to great lengths to show their love and support for the golden maknae. Fans have decorated billboards, organized charity fundraisers, and even made advertisements to promote his birthday. Another way fans are celebrating Jungkook’s birthday is by turning the Common Ground into a Jungkook themed space.

Fans from different countries have gone out of their way to celebrate the birthday of their favorite member. In the Philippines, a 60-meter mural celebrating Jungkook’s birthday was put up. This mural is said to be the longest mural created by a Korean artist in the Philippines. The mural was put up by BTS fan base Grand Alliance PH. Aside from creating a mural, the fan group also held a feeding program for underprivileged street kids.

BTS members have been making the most of Jungkook’s birthday. Although he has yet to take to social media to celebrate his birthday, the members have been interacting with their fans and ARMYs. Fans have even arranged a special bus to commemorate the day.

Jungkook’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg

BTS’ vocal line has announced that the group will collaborate with rapper Snoop Dogg on a new track called “Bad Decisions.” The collaboration was announced quite some time ago, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the track. The track features BTS member Jungkook and American rapper Snoop Dogg.

The collaboration is expected to be released in the coming weeks. It will be followed by a visual release on August 8 and a Behind the Scenes Sketch on August 16. The collaboration is a re-work of a previous track by Jungkook and Snoop Dogg.

The collaboration is expected to include some of the biggest artists and producers in the music industry. Benny Blanco revealed the release schedule for the collaboration in a video posted to his YouTube channel. “Bad Decisions” is expected to drop on August 5 at 12 AM KST.

Benny Blanco has also teased the upcoming collaboration by BTS. He teased the song “Bad Decisions” on his social media accounts and has hinted that the collaboration will feature BTS and Snoop Dogg. He even joked that he would like to work with BTS.

Jungkook’s no-dating clause

‘BTS’ singer Jungkook has been linked to multiple celebrities, but he is sticking to his single status. Although there have been rumors that Jungkook is dating other stars, Big Hit Entertainment have denied any reports. But the rumours have stirred up a storm in the fandom, leading to speculation about the singer’s dating life.

In the past, Jungkook has been linked to other K-pop stars, including Jeong Ye of DIA and Jung Chae Yeon of Lovelyz. In addition, he was linked to model Ko So Hyun in 2015. Though he has not publicly addressed these rumors, he has spoken about his “ideal woman” in different interviews.

BTs are one of the most popular boy bands in the world, and they have broken several records and are expected to break more before the year 2020. However, South Korean idols often have “no public relationship” clauses in their contracts, and Jungkook likely signed one with Big Hit Entertainment. While the singer’s statements have not been completely cleared, many fans are still in awe of the quick response from the label. They are also wondering how the rumors got started.

The rumours that Jungkook is dating Lisa started when Lisa dated Kai from the South Korean boy band EXO. However, Lisa and Jungkook have not dated in public yet but are still friends. While the news may be false, the rumours will continue to circulate on social media.

Fans have also been intrigued by Jungkook’s sleeping habits. For a long time, the BTS singer reportedly didn’t have a pillow, and instead slept on towels. As a result, his sleeping position has become an internet sensation. It is widely believed that Jungkook sleeps with his legs crossed.

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