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Men’s fashion has changed over the decades but there is still much that stays the same. In the 1950s, fashion focused more on uniformity and comfort. Shoulder pads disappeared from suits, ties were slimmer, and hats had smaller brims. However, trousers and shirts remained largely the same. These changes came about as people had more leisure time and the fashion industry adapted to the changes. Travel and sports were growing in popularity, and men’s fashion changed with them. Short shorts and polo shirts were staples and sunglasses were affordable.

Indigo jeans

Indigo jeans are a classic style for men. However, the latest styles offer a new twist on this staple garment. The new look of men’s jeans has inspired designers to explore new washes and colours. Instead of opting for the classic indigo style, men can now try a slightly slimmer fit or a darker wash.

In the past, indigo was reserved for royalty and was imported from far-away colonies. Its use dated back at least 6,000 years, making it the oldest dye still in use. In fact, archaeologists have discovered that the oldest preserved textile fragments were made of indigo in Ancient Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty. Today, indigo is used in almost all blue denim.

Chunky cable knit turtleneck sweaters

A good quality turtleneck sweater is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Whether he is a man of style or a man of practicality, a quality turtleneck is essential. A submariner style turtleneck sweater with Aran Islands texture is a great choice for a casual look. The texture depicts a fisherman’s rope and honeycomb pattern. It represents the promise of reward for honest labour and is a symbol of good luck.

Bell bottom trousers

Bell bottom trousers are a versatile item of men’s clothing that can be worn with a variety of other styles. Originally created for sailors, these pants flare out at the bottom. The wide leg design was a practical way to protect material from the elements and also doubled as a life preserver. In 1901, the bell bottom trouser was renamed dungarees.

The style first became popular in the 1960s in London, and eventually spread to other parts of Europe and North America. The pants were often worn with Cuban-heeled shoes or clogs. Toni Basil made a fashion statement in a pair of bell bottom trousers and a baby doll blouse in the 1964 film T.A.M.I. Show, and the band Derek and the Dominos’ hit song, “Bell Bottom Blues,” referenced the infamous slacks.

The 1960s were the decade for men’s fashion, and the most iconic styles were bell bottom jeans and flared pants. The mid-’60s Mods donned all-black outfits and loud prints. Meanwhile, the classic men opted for low-rise dress trousers with a simple belt in soft colors.

Slouchy suits

Slouchy suits for men are a versatile and comfortable way to update a man’s wardrobe. Unlike the typical slim-fitted suit, slouchy tailoring emphasizes three-dimensionality and a roomier fit. This extra room allows clothing to breathe and add to the overall look. It is also reminiscent of the relaxed feel of loose sweatpants and shirts.

Bright colors

The use of bright colors in men’s fashion is in high demand this spring and summer. These bright colors can be used in suits or as small accessories, such as pocket squares. They are also great for promoting a masculine vibe and can help you stand out from the crowd. Men who wear these colors look stylish and have a lot of energy.

Adding bright colors to your wardrobe is not as hard as you may think. You just have to know how to wear them. The bright colors will attract people’s attention, but be sure to use them in moderation. While they are often intimidating to wear, they can also make you stand out and give you an edge.

Choosing the right colors is a crucial part of developing your own personal style. While expensive clothing can look great, it won’t make up for bad color choices. The wrong color combinations can make you look unattractive and faceless. So, you should always keep in mind that your outfit needs to be a reflection of you and your personality.

If you’re wearing bright colors, make sure to consider your skin tone. Light or pale skin can wash out bright colors, but dark skin can make the colors pop. If you have darker skin, go for a dark shirt in a dark color.

Eye-catching prints

Eye-catching prints in men’s fashion are a big trend this season. For many men, the classic tuxedos, chinos, and khakis have been staples of their wardrobes for years, but the trend has evolved to include other prints that are less conventional. Floral prints are an excellent example of this. In addition, prints that have a strong personality have found their way into the world of men’s fashion and have been especially successful when worn on men’s socks.

Eye-catching prints are a fun way to spice up an otherwise monochromatic wardrobe. A bold floral print in black or white can look great with ripped black jeans or casual white sneakers. A pleated leather crossbody bag adds texture to the ensemble. A striped or paisley print can be a fun, bold way to add color and texture to a man’s wardrobe.


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