Global Business Solutions

Global Business Solutions is a provider of fully integrated business technology solutions with headquarters in Newport, Kentucky. Founded as a Managed Services provider, Global Business Solutions has a unique perspective within the IT industry. Its comprehensive services and diversified offerings help businesses of all sizes succeed in a complex environment. For example, its Managed Services Center can help healthcare organizations manage their operations and increase productivity.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions (GBS) is an organization that creates innovative solutions for healthcare organizations. The organization collaborates with industry experts and partners to create products and services that will help healthcare organizations improve the way patients receive and manage their health care. This includes creating and distributing health content that will help healthcare professionals make better decisions, including prevention and disease management.

Mayo Clinic has a long history of innovation. It has transformed lives for more than a century through research, innovation, and education. The organization’s technology and digital capabilities enable the delivery of an extensive portfolio of market-leading products and services. This includes voice-enabled content that can be delivered through a variety of voice-enabled platforms.

Mayo has dedicated resources to analyze data and create best practices. The Mayo Clinic has also developed advanced COVID-19 predictive analytics to identify trends and inform health care delivery. These insights enable Mayo to better understand the infection rate in the workplace. These insights allow Mayo to guide strategic discussions and improve business practices in a changing environment.

Mayo Clinic Global Consulting leverages the hospital’s unique capabilities to help clients improve administrative efficiencies. Through customized strategies, Mayo Clinic helps clients achieve their goals by implementing Mayo Clinic’s integrated clinical care models. Clients benefit from Mayo Clinic’s broad knowledge base, and the team at the Mayo Clinic is available to discuss a wide range of topics in healthcare operations.


Global Business Solutions for Amgen has opened its new facility in Tampa, FL. The facility combines key IT, finance, and employee services functions under one roof. The center is overseen by senior vice presidents David Meline and Judy Brown. They discuss the role of the center and its culture. This new facility will be the company’s central point for these functions.

The company is committed to growing through innovation. It has a broad portfolio of products that are poised for continued growth. Additionally, an increasing proportion of Amgen’s sales will come from outside the U.S., which is an excellent sign for growth and profitability. Furthermore, Amgen’s growing portfolio of biosimilars is saving the healthcare system money and freeing up funding for new, innovative medicines. In addition, Amgen’s pipeline is strong at all stages, and its balance sheet is strategically sound.

Amgen’s integrated biosimilars strategy is designed to meet the needs of patients, payers, and providers. Biosimilars will increase the company’s revenue, which the company expects will double by 2030. In addition, Amgen plans to launch three additional undisclosed biosimilars.

The company has embraced big data technologies to enhance its capabilities and improve customer service. The Amgen data lake is a GMP-compliant repository that integrates unstructured and structured data in near-real-time. It processes data from the company’s manufacturing execution system, quality management system, ERP, lab, and self-service applications. The data lake enables Amgen to improve patient care and accelerate future innovation.

Amgen Shared Services Center

Global Business Solutions Amgen Shared Services Center is an organization that helps Amgen provide a streamlined and efficient service delivery model. The new center is headquartered in Tampa, FL. The center will deliver key business-enabling services including financial, human resources, and IT support. The center will also improve collaboration and streamline processes.

Shared services can be regional, country-based, or global. Global Business Solutions (GBS) focuses on delivering multiple high-value functions across many locations. Global Business Solutions (GBS) also focuses on employee empowerment, which leads to higher satisfaction and retention. Continuous nurturing of staff is critical to the success of a company as it scales. Leveraging resources can free up valuable time for reinvestment opportunities, new product development, and exploration of emerging markets. It also frees up the time of leaders to focus on higher-value activities.


Global Business Solutions uses TikTok to help brands create fun and meaningful stories. As General Manager of the MENAT region, Shant Oknayan is an ardent supporter of the platform and recently joined the Byte Dance team. Having seen the effects of the recent pandemic on personal habits and business, he saw that people needed a little bit of joy. He says that by using TikTok, brands can join the fun and take part in cultural moments.

With more than one billion users, TikTok has the potential to be an enormous marketing tool for brands. Users create and share all types of content, from viral dance videos to beauty tutorials to cooking hacks. It’s easy to see how a brand can use the platform to reach their target audience, and it’s not just celebrities who can take advantage of the platform.

Mega Balqizs joined TikTok in 2018 as a sales manager and later transitioned into the channel partnership team. She now leads TikTok’s partnerships with prominent agencies in Indonesia and connects clients with TikTok audiences on a regional scale. In 2020, Mega will join the GBS Indonesia team as part of the Indonesian team.

Global Business Solutions is using TikTok to help brands make videos and reach new audiences. The company’s new TikTok for Business program is available to enterprises across Southeast Asia. It’s designed to empower businesses of all sizes and foster a positive environment for brand partners. The new product will be introduced to the market in July 2020 and aims to promote growth and brand awareness.

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