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Meta: House wiring is a pretty common requirement, and most people search for specialists when looking for wiring services.  

House rewire is a specialty of electricians in London. We have the know-how to upgrade the wiring in your home, whether it’s a small apartment or a substantial Victorian house.

Whether you wish to upgrade the electrical system in your home or add more switches or sockets to make your property more functional for you and your family, our dependable, competent, and friendly electricians can assist you in making the necessary changes.

What goes into wiring a home or apartment again?

You have undoubtedly heard of “re-wiring” at some point, but do you know what it entails? An extensive project involving cables and wiring to sockets and fixtures throughout your home is a complete rewiring of a house.

Rewiring a home allows you to plan where sockets, switches, and light fixtures are needed to make your life as simple as possible and to future-proof your House for contemporary living.

Innovating home elements, such as automatic lighting, speaker systems connected to smart devices, or intelligent blinds, can also be part of your rewiring project.

It is significant to work because these cables need to be installed under floorboards, inside walls, and across ceilings. Ideally, this should be done when a house is empty because your electrician will need access to floorboards and will likely be “chasing” into walls, which means that redecorating or plastering may need to be done later. If you decide not to do this yourself, you may need to hire additional contractors like plasterers and decorators.

House rewiring is completed in two stages:

The first stage, referred to as the first fix, entails installing new cables and wires throughout the home.

The second fix, sometimes called the live fix, is where the front faces of the lights, switches, and sockets are installed. There is much non-electrical work between the first and second fixes, including replacing carpets, patching holes, and possibly renovating.

Complete house rewiring is typically time-consuming (7–10 working days) and challenging. Several steps are involved, including:


  • The first step is preparation, which involves opening up the floor or the ceiling, depending on where the cables will go. The wiring plan is developed, all the drywall is removed, and carpets or floors are always covered to preserve them.
  • After removing all the outdated electrical points and wiring, new chasing, drilling, and cable installation exist.
  • Following the plastering of the walls, repair of the ceiling and flooring, and construction of the kitchen tops, the wires that protrude from the walls are connected to switches, sockets, lights, appliances, and ultimately to the consumer unit.
  • The electrical status is inspected to confirm and certify that everything is in working order once everything has been connected.

Since we at electricians are experts in home rewiring, we will work with you to comprehend your family’s wants. We will always treat your home with the utmost respect and ensure our work is understood.

What must I do before the rewiring can begin?

There are a few things that you must keep in mind for the electrician to start the rewiring of your home, which may be disruptive.

You will need to remove all your room furniture, raise any carpets or flooring, and install the new wiring in ceilings, floors, and walls.

You might also need to make room in your loft so that the electrician can easily access the ceilings on your home’s top floor. You must supply an electrical plan or have one ordered from electricians. 

To avoid needless delays with your rewire, when you schedule a service with Electricians, we will clearly outline the work that needs to be done and what you need to do before we arrive to carry out the work.

How much time does electrical rewiring require?

It’s not only about the size of your house; it also depends on the complexity of the work necessary and the size of your property. It could take longer to rewire your home if, for instance, you need a lot of sockets or light switches.

Running the wiring and cabling can occasionally be more complicated than usual, especially in apartments with limited access to ceilings. This might add extra time to the project.

 A three-bedroom semi-detached house typically takes 7 to 10 working days, but please contact us for a personalized estimate.

How much does rewiring a house cost?

The cost of house rewire in London varies according to the size and number of electrical points in the home.

Rewiring costs typically start at around £2000 for a one-bedroom home and go from £8000 to £100000 for a five-bedroom house.

Several elements, including the following, will affect the price:

  • The size of the home is the primary determining element because rewiring an apartment would be less expensive than a two or 3-bedroom House.
  • The number of electrical outlets in each room would also be significant. The more electrical points there are, the more difficult and time-consuming it is to wire them. They are considering that connecting all the points takes more time.
  • The property’s walls’ construction is another aspect. Concrete walls need to be pursued, which would take a lot of time and be more expensive than plasterboard walls, which are simple to cut and take down. in London. 


House rewire expenses might vary significantly based on several factors. There are several factors to consider, such as the quantity of cabling required to run electricity throughout your House and the number of rooms, sockets, and light fixtures needed in your home.


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