Boris Johnson Promises to Support Truss in Farewell Speech

Boris Johnson‘s farewell speech has been greeted by world media. The British politician was recently voted out of the Tory leadership election. There are dozens of journalists and MPs waiting outside Downing Street for his speech. He is scheduled to give it at 7.30am.

Boris Johnson compares himself to a space rocket

The Conservative leader has been under mounting pressure to resign, and he chose a strange way to go about it. Boris Johnson compared himself to the Incredible Hulk in his farewell speech, saying that Brexit is like a “battery rocket,” and said that if Britain leaves the EU by October 31 it will be like a “titanic explosion”. The speech was also full of geeky details about Brexit.

While addressing lawmakers, Johnson also warned them not to pay attention to social media, saying it was a “dangerous echo chamber.” Nevertheless, he reminded them that their constituents were most important. Johnson has served as the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015 and was previously the MP for Henley from 2001 to 2008.

Boris Johnson vows to support Liz Truss in farewell speech

Boris Johnson’s farewell speech on Thursday was an attempt to defend his legacy and achievements, while vowing to support the new prime minister. He said he would try to avoid the limelight, so that Liz Truss can shine, and added that he will be able to get leading business news.

Truss has served in the Cabinet under Boris Johnson, though she wasn’t part of his Tory rebellion. As the new prime minister, she will formally take office on Tuesday. Her first official act will be meeting the Queen, who is on vacation in Scotland. The two will then meet at Balmoral Castle.

Liz Truss is a hardliner

Liz Truss will be the next prime minister of the UK, replacing Boris Johnson, who is set to leave office later on Tuesday. The new prime minister will hold an official audience with Queen Elizabeth II and will soon take office. Boris Johnson has praised Truss’s record in office.

Liz Truss is a seasoned politician who previously voted against Brexit, but changed her mind after the referendum. She backed Brexit in order to promote social reform and the country’s economic interests. She has been an active member of the Conservative Party, serving as both Foreign and Trade Secretary. She lives in Norfolk with her husband Hugh O’Leary. They married in 2000.

Rishi Sunak is a ‘lesser of two evils’

There are some people who would disagree with this statement, but one prominent Tory, Paul Goodman, has spoken out in support of Rishi Sunak. He has argued that Rishi Sunak is the better option as he has more solid policy. This stance is entirely unorthodox and is a welcome development given that many Tory MPs are split on the issue.

Sunak is an ethnic minority, and he would be the first candidate from an ethnic minority to run for prime minister in modern times. Born Jewish, he converted to Christianity at the age of 12. His campaign promises include refocusing the Prevent programme on Islamic terror. But there are also some issues of far right radicalisation that must be tackled.

Nadine Dorries is not expected to take up a role in the new government

In his farewell speech, Boris Johnson has pledged to support Liz Truss, the new prime minister. Truss is expected to unveil her plan to tackle the energy crisis later on Tuesday. It is also believed that she is preparing a PS100 billion bill freeze. But she has warned that the decision might not be popular.

Johnson is expected to make his farewell speech on the steps of Number 10 before meeting the Queen at Balmoral castle. He announced the end of his time as prime minister around two months ago and a half ago following a series of scandals. Truss will now lead the Conservative Party.

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