Liam Hampson

Spanish Police have revealed more details about the death of Redcliffe Dolphins player Liam Hampson. The 29-year-old died in a nightclub in Barcelona. The cause of his death is under investigation. The family of Hampson is devastated. The former player’s body has not been recovered.

Hampson was last seen at a nightclub in Barcelona on Tuesday morning. It was not until Wednesday that his family and friends asked people to help them look for him. Eventually, the nightclub’s employees spotted his body, lying dead on the floor. The police believe he accidentally fell from a height of 10 meters. His family has expressed their deep grief on social media.

Hampson was last seen leaving Sala Apollo nightclub in Barcelona at 4:30am on the morning of 18/10. The family has expressed their condolences to the Hampson’s family. The club has issued an apology and is investigating the circumstances of his death.

The Australian rugby league star was on holiday in Barcelona with three other NRL stars. He was last seen at the club with the trio. Spanish police have contacted the Australian consulate to help with the search for Hampson. AJ Brimson, Jordan Riki and Jesse Arthurs were among the other players.

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