Composite Bonding

One of the most precious things that every human being possesses is their smile. Whenever you meet a person physically, he notices your smile first. After all your smile can build your personality. Now, when there is a flaw in the smile, it is sure to break your aura. One of the major components of a beautiful smile is your teeth. A person with a beautiful smile is sure to grab eyeballs. 

However, not having a flawless smile can stand as a hindrance to your personality development and social-circle building. Some people shy away from the public due to a lack of good oral health. If you want t to retain good oral health, you have to take care of your teeth from the very beginning. Over the years, several dental treatments have come up that can enhance the condition of your teeth. One such beneficial cosmetic dental treatment is composite bonding in London

If you want to enhance your smile, go ahead with the composite bonding treatment. Since many of you are not aware of dental composite bonding, we have come up with a blog on the same. In this blog, we will share with you some facts that you need to know before undergoing the composite bonding treatment. So, without further delay, let’s get started. 

What is composite bonding? 

Also known as teeth bonding or dental bonding, composite bonding is the process of cosmetic dental treatment that enhances the smile for the better. This is a kind of cosmetic dentistry where the dentist uses a special kind of resin on the affected tooth or teeth to alter its appearance. The primary purpose of a composite teeth bonding treatment is to improve the smile of a person. However, if the dentist notices other dental issues besides a flawed smile, he corrects them first and then proceeds with the composite bonding treatment. 

If you suffer from tooth discolouration, composite bonding can help you get rid of it. In the process of dental composite bonding, the dentist uses a resin material that matches the natural colour or tone of your teeth. The reasons for using the resin material are: 

  • To hide the chips and cracks in your teeth 
  • To hide the tooth discolouration 
  • To alter the shape of your teeth 
  • To lengthen the size of the teeth 

With the immense success of composite bonding, people nowadays are relying on the process more and more. Besides, its harmlessness and painlessness are also enough to make it one of a kind. Therefore, if you are interested in covering the flaws in your oral health, you can go ahead with the dental composite bonding process. 

Factors to consider before undergoing a dental composite bonding process 

Indeed, dental composite bonding is cosmetic dentistry. So, you have to be aware of certain things before you get into the process. Everyone’s needs differ. So, knowing the factors to consider for a composite bonding treatment can help in the long run. Given below is a list of factors that you need to consider before dental composite bonding. 

  1. Composite bonding is not suitable for all 

Not everyone is aware of this. Although dentists and dental surgeons prefer using composite bonding for a variety of dental issues, it is not suitable for all. This is because some medical conditions prevent the use of composite bonding on some people. Some of the general habits and conditions that can cease composite bonding for you include biting nails, clenching and grinding. All of these tend to crack the veneers.  

  1. Composite bonding is a cost-effective dental treatment 

When people show interest in some kind of dental procedure, one of the essential factors that they are most worried about is the cost of the treatment. However, with composite bonding, you can fix your smile without having to burn a hole in your pocket. The cost of composite bonding differs. It largely depends on the place from where you are getting the treatment. However, if you are looking for an affordable solution, composite bonding in London is the best suited for you. 

  1. Composite bonding is irreversible 

To attach the composite veneers during the bonding process, your dental surgeon or dentist will have to take away a tiny part of the enamel. Sometimes, the dentist or dental surgeon will also have to shape your teeth to make the veneer get attached to them without any hassle. So, when you are determined to get composite bonding treatment, be prepared to sacrifice a bit of your natural teeth. 

  1. Composite bonding treatment is not painful 

Composite bonding is a completely painless process. So, if you have a fear of visiting the dentist’s chamber, this cosmetic dentistry is apt for you. Also, the dentist uses general anaesthesia before getting his hands into the treatment. 

  1. You can need a replacement in the future

Although composite veneers are highly durable, they do not last for a lifetime. Once you fix a composite veneer, you will have to polish it and replace it after some time. Generally, if you can take good care of the composite veneer, it can last for a decade. However, this is entirely subjective.  

  1. Composite bonding can be used for various dental issues 

In general, the purpose of composite bonding is to improve your smile. However, dentists use composite dental bonding treatment for various other processes as well. In most cases, dentists prefer using composite bonding for restorative treatments like small teeth, teeth discolouration, crooked teeth, teeth gaps, etc. 

  1. Composite bonding is less hard than natural teeth 

Another important factor to consider for a composite bonding process is its hardness. The resin material that the dentists use is not as hard as the enamel of your teeth. So, once you get the composite bonding treatment, you have to avoid biting nails, grinding teeth and all kinds of habits that are harsh on your teeth. 


Above all, if you are determined to get the composite bonding treatment, make sure to take good care afterwards. After all, you want your teeth to last longer. In case you face any trouble, do not hesitate to rush to the dentist for composite bonding treatment in London. 

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